What is GRPF?


The origin can be traced back to the year 1998, when the Vidal i Barraquer Mental Health Institute and the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences, and Sports signed an agreement for their two research groups working in the same field, the Couple and Family Research Unit and the Family Studies and Research Group, to converge into a single research unit. Since then, the unified group resulting from that agreement, the Couple and Family Research Group (GRPF), set out in its Master Plan to delve deeper into shared research lines, collaborate with other Catalan and Spanish research groups, and ultimately engage with international research groups.


The group is made up of researchers, with a long personal track record of research on couple and family issues, who come from the field of clinical psychology, social psychology and pedagogy, resulting in an interdisciplinary group. Considering the complexity of the approach to the family group, the preferred focus is on the emotional and communicative aspects of the family, considering it as the first maturing and educational space for its members. From here it is intended to develop both preventive and therapeutic intervention models. The group is systematically organized into subgroups around different lines of research such as the quality of couple relationships (Marital quality), the impact of divorce, early intervention, the family as a socio-educational agent, the family violence, migration, addictions and international adoption, couples therapy, etc.

Research Integrity

The GRPF, as a research group attached to the Ramon Llull University, ensures compliance with the Ramon Llull University Research Integrity Code, approved by the Ramon Llull University Board of Governors on September 17, 2020 The purpose of the Code is to identify the ethical guidelines that should regulate the practice of research. It commits all the research staff linked to the Ramon Llull University and who participate in a research team, it also commits the rest of the Ramon Llull University community that makes research possible (board of trustees; governing team, heads of centers and other academic authorities ; administration and service personnel; and financing entities). All of them must ensure compliance with the Code.